The DMIT report is generated using a biometric input - your fingerprints. No questions asked. No time consuming procedures. No pen-paper tests.

The biometric input is all that is needed by us and the report is given to you within 7 days which will reveal the real you.

Our report has the following features.

  1. The Innate & Multiple Intelligences of the individual
  2. The extra-curricular activities based on the Innate Potential
  3. The Four Quotients
  4. Your Intelligence Quotients
  5. The Career Options and the Career graph
  6. The Brain Dominance
  7. The Learning Style - Visual/Audio/Kinesthetic
  8. The Personality
  9. The Learning Sensibility & ATD angle
  10. The Acquiring Method

When the report is given to the individual, a detailed synopsis is enclosed to explain all of the above and the individual is counseled on the same to help the individual know his/her strengths and weaknesses and some remedies are also suggested which could help in developing the weak zones in order to enhance them.


This is a test that has to be done only once in your life time and it can be taken done on any person whether it is an infant or an adult. The benefits are different for children and adults.

For Children

This test will reveal some of the innate potential that the child is born with and this will help both the parents and tutors to guide the child accordingly. When the parents know the child's learning style they can introduce the appropriate teaching methods that will help nurture the child to bring out the best in the child. As the world becomes more and more competitive, parents are enrolling their children in all sorts of extra-curricular activities which are a waste of time, money and effort. Children are following the same path in the rat-race which is aiming for either Engineering or Medicine. The child may have some unique and different talents and parents need to discover talents so that they can empower their children to a bright, stress free life!

For Adults

This test will help them discover their Innate potential and empower them to choose the right career path. They could even enroll in some appropriate courses which can give wings to their talents. They could also take up some extra-curricular activities which would bring them happiness since their innate potential is enhances and this will in turn lead to a happy stress free life.

For Employers and HR Personnel

This test can help you discover the core competencies of your employees and empower them in order to maximize their potential. It can also be useful at the time of hiring, to hire the right person for the right job. It can be useful to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees. It can even help the HR department to design and conduct appropriate training programmes for the staff.

For Couple Compatibality

This test can even identify the reasons for disputes between couples and can help sort these. When the strengths and areas of weakness of both partners are discovered they can work out solutions to overcome the shortcomings and build on their strengths.